Top 5 Things to Love about the 80s Era

Time does fly, doesn’t it?


The ’80s was an iconic era. The sense of style, the media, the technology, the music — who can forget? It only seems like yesterday when girls were teasing their hair as big as they could and coating their eyes with green, blue, purple and pink eyeshadow to match their bright, shoulder pad-laden outfits. It was a beautiful time full of ridiculousness that is worthy of reminiscing.


Let’s look back at several things that made the decade so amazing.

  1. The Big Hair


Big permed hairstyles were the in-thing back then. The ’80s are famous (and infamous) for a lot of things—but it’s the sheer awesomeness of the hairstyles that tops this list. The rule was to keep it higher, more full, and curlier. The hairstyles had to be deliciously big, luscious, and glamorous. Nothing says the 80s more than a big voluminous hairdo with crimped ends.


  1. The Fashion!


The ‘80s was a decade of bold fashion statements, colors and silhouettes. Trends spanned leather tights, oversized blazers, jelly shoes, pastel-colored clothes, big earrings, big shoulder pads, big mustache to acid washed jeans. I haven’t seen any fashion-driven times like it was the case back in the 80s. Earrings were never too big. 80s fashion was about making a statement; with an exclamation mark, put in bold and underlined. And why not?

In a decade full of neon colors and chunky sweaters, it was as if everyone was just saying, “Hey universe! Look at me.”


  1. Movies


Not many eras have left their mark on television and film production quite like the 80s. The 80’s was the decade that gave the world everything from Nightmare on Elm Street horror flicks to rib cracking all-time comedies like The Breakfast Club. The decade saw the introduction of dynamic new genres of flicks such as Ghostbusters, Aliens, and Terminator. You’ll agree with me that the most remarkable thing about 80’s movies is their “rewatchability”; unlike films from recent years.


  1. The Music

The eighties era is Pop music’s harbor. 80s pop music icons were a fresh breed of celebrities to emulate. They were impossibly cool and super attractive.


Songs like Girls Just Want to Fun, Eye of the tiger and Billy Jean were proudly brought to you by the 80s; the decade when the ridiculously talented trio aka pop music royal family (Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna) ruled the airwaves. Has it ever been better?


A personal favorite is Cyndi Lauper; a redheaded musical genius– Cyndi was (still is) beautiful, unique, awesome and adorable.One thing for sure, music wouldn’t be the same without her. Her incredible songs are still relevant to this day!


  1. Pac-man and Rubik’s Cube


Pac Man was the number one game from the 1980’s. Kids spent countless hours playing this game in the arcade. Also known as “magic cube,” the Rubik’s was so popular in the 80s that more than 100,000,000 of them sold between 1980 and 1982! Go figure!


There are so many reasons to fall in love with the 80s, and those are just a few of them. Looking back, the 80’s were extraordinary times indeed; wonderfully so! Let’s not forget popular food of India being introduced to the world during this era!